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I’m a product
designer, creating
digital products
& brand experiences.
Design to me is a cohesive process, ranging from research and conceptualisation to UX & UI, and sometimes to code. I strive to find the ‘Juice’, what will bring delight for users in each project I work on – and build the design and experience around it.
Minimized Quintessential Web Powered by Automated Design.

Tyota is a product I’ve created out of my passion and obsession with design, mobile and creative tools. It’s a consumer product, and it’s actually a studio that let creatives and other people to come up with their website in the most light and delightful way, from their mobile device.


What’s special about this project is the way I’ve tackled the design challange – how to design a webpage from a mobile device. This challange led my to define a solution that will be both an intutive tool for desinging websites from such a small device and also a reliable webpage that fits every end-display.


A frictionless what-you-see-is-what-you-get studio that enbales user to design their content in the form of tiles compounded inside a smart grid system.

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Revolutionary AI enginge helping candidates find their next step in their career.

Workey uses real time data to uncover new paths and the job opportunities that can help you pursue them. With Workey, we help you grow, step up and find satisfaction, whatever road you choose.


Workey uses real time data to uncover new paths and job opportunities for hi-tech candidates. I've Co-founded as Chief Product, doing both hands-on product development work, brand development, and business & strategy planning.

Fiverr lets creatives and lean entrepreneurs turn their talents and skills set into a successful business.

Fiverr is an horizontal marketplace provides nearly any digital service in just one click, without haggling over the service deliverables or the price. I've spent almost 3 years at Fiverr, gain a lot of experience doing consumer product work for both Mobile and Desktop platforms. For the last part developing and managing the Design Studio team.


I was leading the design team and supporting in building Fiverr’s product assets (Web & Mobile) creating meaningful experiences that affected millions of users at the marketplace, helping Fiverr to become the world’s leading e-commerce firm for online services. I hire and mentored a team of five designer till they become a valuable members of the studio. In that time we created a new polished tone to the design language. Re-designed the Homepage, Gig page and the new Sellers page which gained Fiverr a significant growth in revenues.